Yes Mr. Craig, Linkedin has made you my Nemesis!

A Little Background– So as a long time Business developer in the Digital Space, LinkedIn has been a big part of my life, a daily ritual. It started out as a way for me to find contacts and better understand corporations. As I got better at using LinkedIn, and as LinkedIn added features, another thing started to happen. People started finding me, they started looking at my profile and reaching out to me. 5000 contacts spreads a pretty decent net and that net draws attention. Then I found the analytics side of LinkedIn. The “who has viewed me” section.

The who has viewed me section has been great. I know when you look at my profile and I then can reach out and say HI. It has led to many good conversations and added connections. But let us not get distracted, we are here to talk about my nemesis, 3 time Super Bowl Champ Roger Craig!

My Nemisis– So my next find was the ranking section. The ranking section is divided into a couple sections. The main two being “How do you rank among your connections” and “How do you rank among people like you.” So among my connections I rank in the top 20 of 2500 connections so not bad. How do I rank among people like me is where Mr. Craig comes in. I generally rank number 1, unless I am beat out by 3 time Super Bowl Champ long time San Fransisco 49er Roger Craig. It probably doesn’t help his cause that I happen to be a Raider fan (easier to admit this year.)

So how do I battle a former NFL Star? How do I keep him out of the top spot? Stay number 1 and regulate him to second place? (of course his ranking might be different on his LinkedIn view, but this is my battle and he is my nemesis, I never said I was his.

Gaining more views on LinkedIn is pretty simple. Just takes dedication and being thorough.

  1. Complete your profile! – This is paramount. Don’t skip around and be very descriptive in all your profile sections.
  2. Keywords Rule– Make sure to use keywords- People search keywords. Make sure to include the best industry related search terms in your profile.
  3. Say Cheese! – Have a good color picture. There are a lot of people like you on LinkedIn, make sure and put your best face forward.
  4. Go visit them– Visit the profiles of the people you want visiting yours. Linkedin shows them who visited their profile. So if you visit the profiles of the people you want to visit yours they will see a great title and good picture and then visit yours back. Time consuming but it works.
  5. LinkedIn URL– Get your direct LinkedIn url and put it on everything- email signature, business cards, on all your other social media.
  6. Invite– Invite everyone you meet. I am not saying spam LinkedIn (you still want quality connections,) but if you meet someone at an event or a meeting make sure and send them an invite.
  7. Join the groups– Join relevant LinkedIn groups and be active. Answer and ask questions. (you could always join mine ( )
  8. Share your stories– Linkedin now gives you the opportunity to post your blogs. Take advantage of the free exposure.
  9. Content is King (or Queen)-Post good content. Share, find articles, post whatever content you think will be shared or draw attention. The goal is draw attention so think about that when you think content.
  10. Start with people you know– Connect with all your friends and coworkers. Linkedin will help you find them if you connect your email addresses. So just reach out. If you are like me connect all 20 email accounts.
  11. Become a member– If you want to truly maximize LinkedIn, a membership helps. It gives you inmails and more statistics on who viewed you. Plus a you get a cool Premium badge.
  12. Show them love– Like and share the content of others. This goes back to just being a part of the community. The more actions you take in the community the more you will get from the community.

So these are the steps I take to battle my nemesis 3 time Super Bowl Champ Roger Craig. As I come up with more ideas I will be sure to let everyone know.

Hope this helps you take on your own nemesis! Linkedin is a great tool that if used correctly can really aid in building and enhancing your network.