When software upgrades are launched, business managers cringe. Do they really need what is being offered in the new version of the product they are just beginning to master or is what they have enough? If your business has an earlier version of Sharepoint, you should consider upgrading to 2013 or Office 365 and here are six reasons why.

  1. Better and Free Mobile Web Apps

In early versions of Sharepoint, you didn’t have the freedom and opportunities to manipulate Office Web applications that are available in 2013 and 365. The newer apps are free, available for mobile and have more of an iPad feel to help your employees feel more comfortable using them.

2. FAST Integration

Microsoft announced in 2013 that FAST would become an integral element of Sharepoint search. That integration became available in recent upgrades, starting with 2013. The improvements can be seen in the quality of the results and search applications.

3. Big Data Abilities

As big data becomes essential to businesses, software applications have to able to handle large volumes of information. Sharepoint 2013 started helping companies with big data support, including Excel programs.

4. User Friendly

Sharepoint Online in Office 365 is easier to use. The entire web interface received a facelift, including drag and drop, on-hover and touch. Now even those who aren’t technologically inclined can use Sharepoint features without calling tech support.

5. Email

Adding email mobility and support is a great aspect of Sharepoint Online. Outlook began its venture on the Internet in 2013 and is now come of age in Office 365. The new capabilities and ease of use will help employees communicate and share information easier.

6. Storage and File Upgrades

One of the original benefits of Sharepoint is document management. SkyDrive is available to all users with free storage. This enhances project and document management with employees, vendors and clients.

With the launch of Office 365, Sharepoint has become such an integral element of Office that it is almost impossible to discuss one without mentioning the other. If you need to take your business and your document management to the next level, you need to consider upgrading your Sharepoint.